5 Day Challenge

July 13th-July 17

A Journey Toward Hope and Healing


For Christian women who have recently left an abusive 

Marriage/relationship and are struggling emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

With Dana Marie

I am so excited you are here to learn more about my 5 day challenge, Powerless to Powerful.


I am fully confident that this challenge is going to be a turning point in your life.

I know the depth of pain and fear that grips when you are in such a toxic relationship.


I know all to well, the confusion and mental warfare, the pain, heartache and how easy it is to lose yourself in the midst of the dysfunction. 

I would like to share with you my story of what happened to me. You might have a similar one.


In the beginning, I was confident but over time because of the mental and emotional abuse...I lost my voice, my self-worth, my self-esteem and my confidence in who I was. I could not trust my decision making anymore.  

     Did you lose your "VOICE" too?


My ex husband was a professional at blame-shifting, gas lighting and manipulation to the point I would walk away from the argument thinking "What just happened."

He would tell my things like,

  • "You are crazy."

  • "You are so controlling"

  • "All you do is bring up the past, you need to learn how to forgive." (even through what he did was literally just the day before)

  • "You do not know what you are talking about, I would never do that"

  • "Stop making stuff up in your head."

  • "You need to learn to trust me"

  • "You got issues from your past, you need help."

  • "You are so negative."

  • "You are such a drama queen."


    Does he or did he say the same things to you?


Many times, if he didn't want to face the truth of what I was saying, he would either go into a rage or give me the silent treatment for days. I would end up begging him to talk to me and ask him to forgive me. I would try to convince him that what he was saying is not who I really am, "I am not crazy", "I do forgive" and so on... The thing was, I started to question myself in my head I would think, "Maybe I am crazy?," "Maybe I do need to work on my issues?. "Maybe I am controlling?...."Maybe it is me that needs change?" I began to have anxiety, started become depressed, broken and afraid.

    Have you had/have these same thoughts and feelings?


Even after I left him, those lies he spoke over me still haunted me. I lost my trust in myself so much that I questioned myself with every decision I made to leave. I feared deep down, that the lies spoken over me where actually true. I even feared that I disobeyed God by not having enough faith for Him to heal my marriage. 

    Is this you?

It is important for you to know, that if you are still questioning if you made the right decision to leave, that is OK!  I am doing this challenge not to convenience you that you made the right decision by leaving, that is not my job. Only God can confirm that in your heart.


Yes, there will be people who are called to speak into our lives but it is our job to discern if what they are saying is from God or their opinion.


My job, my heart, is to serve you in coaching you on the 5 keys in this challenge to help you start build a strong foundation you can stand on. So that, when God speaks, you can now hear Him clearly and have a peace with your decisions. 


If what I have said and shared with you has tugged on your heart, then my hope is that you will join my challenge today. And allow me to come along side you for 5 days July 13-July 17 to serve you toward building a firm foundation in this season in your life so that you can soar no matter what storms come your way. 


Below are the 5 keys I will be talking about each day. I will be providing the tools that go along with each key to help you implement those keys into your daily life. These 5 keys have changed my life and I know they will change yours too.


Come Join me July 13th



For me, learning to build a foundation by using the 5 keys, taught me who I am again, I learned to trust myself again and God. I got my "VOICE" back. My broken heart and depression was healed and the fear disappeared. 

This is my heart for you and all women who are going through or been through abusive marriages/relationships.

If this is your heart for you too? Then my hope is that today you say "Yes" and join.   

Here are a few of the details of the challenge.

Each day: 


  • I will share with you one of the 5 keys through a Live video in our private Facebook group where you can comment and ask me questions during the live.

  • We will dive deep into the tools and techniques that go along with each of the keys and I will provide worksheets for you as well for you to print and keep. 


Throughout the challenge you will begin to gain:

  • Strength,

  • Self-worth,

  • Self-confidence,

  • Breakthrough

  • Your "Voice"

  • And more 

The 5 keys:


KEY 1.  Who is that in the mirror?


KEY 2.  God, is that you?


KEY 3.  "Mental warfare, it is time to go!"


KEY 4.  Peace over the "noise." 


KEY 5.  Fear, you have crossed the line!!!!

Included In the Challenge:

  • Private Facebook group

  • Special Prizes 

  • A community of Powerful Women to help bring you support and encouragement 

  • Bonuses 

  • Me, going LIVE everyday to coach and encourage

  • Tools and techniques to help you dive deeper

  • Replays on all the LIVES to watch at your convenience

I truly, believe this offer was meant for you to see. I truly believe there are women, maybe even you, who have been praying for their breakthrough and asking for the right person to come along. 

Maybe, that person is me?


Come Join me July 13th


To Join for only $17 

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Special Offer



I wanted to bring something special to the challenge. So I decided to create a  Package Deal which includes:

  • The challenge for FREE

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Group Coaching Includes:

  • Q&A

  • Hot seats (a chance for a one on one life coaching session in the group on any topic of choice)

  • A  30 min group coaching session on boundaries and how to keep them. ​


My job is to take you from where your are at

and lead you to where you want to be!








5 Day Challange


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