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I believe we all have an amazing unique destiny and bright future. 


As we discover who we truly are and breakthrough anything that holds us back, the sky is the limit and freedom becomes our life-style. 


It is my desire to help others in any area of their lives that may be holding them back. 

I am a single mother, who has had many challenges in my life, from overcoming PTSD to childhood abuse to breaking free from an abusive relationship to dealing with health issues. Every one of these obstacles have led me to deep healing and discovering who I truly am. 


Now, I am doing exactly what I have been destined for - helping other women discover their own freedom in their lives. 

I have a BA in Psychology and  I am a Certified Life Coach and a Trained Crisis Worker.


I have spent years facilitating groups involving emotional healing, self discovery, getting out of toxic relationships, boundary building, and mindfulness group/overcoming anxiety. Also, over the years, I have worked one-on-one with individuals, helping them set goals, find inner healing, overcome fears and more. 


I have a passion to lead my clients to their true potential and life fulfillment!


Let me help you become an overcomer and walk into your own freedom and destiny.  I specialize in helping change mindsets, conquer obstacles and fears, work through trauma and pain.  I help others discover who they are through their spirituality and other tools, to help them break free from toxic relationships, set goals in all areas of life and conquer them.  Let me join with you on your journey of true freedom and healing.

My job is to coach you from where you are to where you want to be!


Passionate about helping others find true freedom and healing!

Dana Marie

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