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Lord Papa

By Dana Carey
Forward by Theresa Dedmon
Illustrations by Jennifer Michelle

Hannah and Lord Papa is based on the story of Hannah in the bible. Written from a heavenly perspective, the relationship between God and Hannah comes to life as the story explores such questions as:

  • What was God doing during the time Hannah wept for a child?

  • How did God show His compassion toward Hannah when she needed it most?

  • What was happening behind the scenes in heaven when God answered Hannah's Prayer to have her very own son?

Children will not only grow in their relationship with the Lord, but also with parents as they enjoy fun activities while they read together. Projects are designed to teach your child personal identity, to help your child think about who God is, and to give you and your child a fun, intimate time creating together with the Holy Spirit. 

Bill Johnson, Senior Leader of Bethel Church, Redding Ca-

"I get really excited when I see materials created for children-especially when those materials speak of the goodness of God. Dana Carey has worked hard to maintain the clear biblical revelation of God as a good Father. She has done this in a way that children can understand and embrace. There is a bonus in that the end of the book gives parents practical tools to increase and strength the child's learning experience. I look forward to more books coming from Dana."

Lori Byrne and Barry Byrne

Founders of Love After Marriage Workshops-Bethel Church Redding, Ca- 

This inspiring book will minister to parents and children alike! An intimate peek into the Father's heart will bless and remind you and your children of how perfectly sovereign and loving our "Lord Papa" is. 

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